CedarView Ranch, LLC - SOLD
longhorn CV Sunny Brook

Photo Taken: July 18, 2015

CV Sunny Brook

Date of Birth:  04-20-2013
  Tip to Tip - 67 1/2"
Measured Date:  04-28-2017
TLBAA No:  CI287505
PH#:  03
SOLD - Thanks to Paula and Chris Harrison of Pittsburg, KS

longhorn growth
longhorn CV Sunny Brook longhorn CV Sunny Brook longhorn CV Sunny Brook
Nov 2013 Apr 2014 Feb 2015

longhorn pedigree
CV Sunny Brook
Concealed Weapon
Sharp Shooter Peacemaker
Horseshoe J Charm
Horseshoe J Example BL Coach's Desperado
Dixie Charlene
Rutledge's Miss Brook
Working Man Chex Coach
Working Woman
Rutledge's North Brook I'm A Hot Shot Too
Rutledge's Gold Rush

Last updated:  May 1, 2017
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