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longhorn Shamrock Little Blackie

Photo Taken: August 24, 2013

Shamrock Little Blackie

Date of Birth:  07-21-2010
  Tip to Tip - 63 7/8"
Measured Date:  03-29-2014
TLBAA No:  CTI273076*
PH#:  260
SOLD - Thanks to Janell and Chad Smith, Smith Longhorns

It is impossible not to get excited about Little Blackie. JP Rio Grande is over 80" TTT. His dam is one of the highest selling cows to ever go through the TX Longhorn Legacy Sale. On the bottom side of the pedigree, her dam sold for $59,000 at the Legacy and is over 80" TTT with a hard twist. You will also find Delta Van Horne, who would have been over 80" had she not messed up a horn. Delta Vixen, one of El Coyote's top producers, is over 76" TTT and Delta Sissie was over 70" TTT starting this long line of huge horns family. You will also find Starlight who is over 82" TTT and growing. Predictability breeding? I think so.

longhorn growth
longhorn Shamrock Little Blackie longhorn Shamrock Little Blackie longhorn Shamrock Little Blackie
Dec 2011 Mar 2012 Oct 2012

longhorn pedigree
Shamrock Little Blackie
JP Rio Grande
JR Grand Slam Gunman
JR Sequential
TX W Lucky Lady Lamb's Power Play
TX W Rose Bud
Texana Van Horne Starliner Headliner FF248
Delta Van Horne Dixie Top Deck
Delta Vixen

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