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longhorn CV Rios Hutch

Photo Taken: March 2012

CV Rios Hutch

Date of Birth:  08-31-2010
  Tip to Tip - 50 1/2"
Measured Date:  03-31-2012
TLBAA No:  BAI84587
PH#:  011
SOLD - Thanks to Melloddee and Cliff Begg of Alberta, Canada

It is hard to find a fault in this young, tall, painted up bull. He is as calm as they come with great conformation. His sire is the 3X Ultimate bull JP Rio Grande who is over 79" TTT and his dam TX W Lucky Lady is over 78" TTT and still growing. On the bottom side, you will find Torch who is one of three cows in the industry to produce three 70" TTT sons. You also have 75+" TTT ER's Empress. He has a stellar yearling measurement and has a shot of going over 70" TTT at 24 months. Time will tell.

longhorn growth
longhorn CV Rios Hutch longhorn CV Rios Hutch longhorn CV Rios Hutch
Sep 2010 Jan 2011 May 2011

longhorn pedigree
CV Rios Hutch
JP Rio Grande
JR Grand Slam Gunman
JR Sequential
TX W Lucky Lady Lamb's Power Play
TX W Rose Bud
JBR I Swear
Olympic Torch Chuck Wagon
LWR Promise Lonesome Coyote
Er's Empress

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