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longhorn JBR Flamenco

JBR Flamenco

Date of Birth:  06-28-2010
  Tip to Tip - 52 1/4"
Measured Date:  10-04-2012
TLBAA No:  C268409
PH#:  5/10
SOLD - Thank you to Lauren and John Clark of Abilene, TX

She is sired by the over 70" TTT Shalako Chex whose dam was over 78" TTT at the time of her death and weighed over 1400 lbs in prime condition. Her mother and full brother are HSC Champions, and are sired by Wyoming Warpaint, the bull that held the longest horned bull in the breed for 6 years. Their mother was a cow that was over 70" cow that produced like a dream. Great conformation and color.

longhorn growth
longhorn JBR Flamenco longhorn JBR Flamenco
Sep 2011 Mar 2012

longhorn pedigree
JBR Flamenco
Shalako Chex
VJ Tommie (aka Unlimited) No Double
OT Superior's Droopy
Tri-W Legends A Do Tri-W 698's Legend
Catch A Do
JBR Salsa
Wyoming Warpaint Roundup
L-7 Red Cajun Girl Aces and Eights
L E Vaca 93

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