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longhorn Casanova's Crown Jewel

Photo Taken: March 18, 2018

Casanova's Crown Jewel

Date of Birth:  12-23-2016
TLBAA No:  CTI310328
PH#:  186
Thanks to Erica and Trampas Cook of Parksville KY
Bluegrass Longhorns

Bred to PCC Rim Rock for a Spring 2019 calf.

Measurements: TTT Date
Current 42 1/2" 05-05-2018
11 month 28 3/4"

longhorn growth
longhorn Casanova's Crown Jewel longhorn Casanova's Crown Jewel
Jul 2017 Feb 2018

longhorn pedigree
Casanova's Crown Jewel
CV Cowboy Casanova
Cowboy Chex Peacemaker
BL Poco Bueno
Smoky Roan Hunts Command Respect
Saw Dust
Field of Pearls
Fielder Zigfield
MSR Impression
Pearl Senator

Last updated:  November 12, 2018
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