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longhorn WF Candy Land

WF Candy Land

Date of Birth:  02-04-2009
  Tip to Tip - 53 7/8"
Measured Date:  03-31-2012
TLBAA No:  CI264811
PH#:  907
SOLD - Thanks to Melloddee and Cliff Begg of Alberta, Canada

Candy Land is line bred Coach and you can see that with the great amount of lateral horn coming out of her head. LCR Bueno Joya is over 80" TTT and has a granddaughter that is over 80" TTT. This big framed heifer could do the same thing. Butler cattle with an out-cross have produced many huge horned cattle.

longhorn pedigree
WF Candy Land Peacemaker GR Grand Unlimited
Possum Queen
BL Poco Bueno Coach
Cowboy Chex LCR Bueno Joya
TC Anita B Brown Bomber 126 Coach
OT Droop A Long
Ace's Conquistanita Conquistaroan
Classinita FM 228

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